Ludwig Mies van der Rohe // MLK Library // Washington D.C.

When I heard about David Adjaye’s African American Museum, I knew I had to pay a visit to Washington D.C. I took up on my cousin’s offer to stay with her for a week at her Airbnb. This gave me opportunity to really explore DC. I did some research and I knew I wanted to see this until I showed up to see the dark glassed building under renovation. Instead of showing too much truth to the building I decided to shoot film. As i take out my camera I realized I still had shots left over from my previous shoot with Sean Guess aka Fay and Walker Architects. He had originally hired me to shoot The Sister’s House black and white so as an experiment I decided to buy ISO 50 film to see what I can come up with. I had 20 shots to capture this legendary building so I made sure to capture the people and reflections. Because of the gloomy day and low ISO speed I used a tripod.